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A Baskets to Boxes Story

Our evolution of baskets to bulging boxes.

Despite its name, Bulging Baskets Vancouver ships their gifts not in baskets, but in sleek and carefully packed boxes. It wasn’t always this way though; when owners of Bulging Baskets Ari and Jonathan created the original gift ensemble, it was your traditional wicker basket full of snacks and stationary, and wrapped in cellophane.

One of our gift baskets, packed full of delicious treats.

The original gift baskets may have been beautiful, but have you ever tried sending a wicker basket in the mail? I wouldn’t recommend it. The gift baskets today are easy to ship, hold the treats snug, and look good while doing it. Not to mention, they’re completely reusable and recyclable – unlike cellophane and wooden wicker baskets that can’t go on your curb.


There’s nothing wrong with stationary and grocery store snacks, but we can’t say we’re sad that Bulging Baskets has evolved beyond that. The bulging boxes are full of delicious treats, all sourced from fifty-two (and counting!) small businesses from British Columbia. You can feel good about buying local without losing the convenience of shipping to your door or amazing ready-to-eat foods.

A photo of one of our gift boxes, taken by a customer.

Whether you or the person you’re gifting a gift box to is vegan, gluten-free, has a sweet tooth or prefers a delicious drink, we have a box that’s perfect for them. Our boxes are customizable as well. If there’s a box that’s just about perfect for the recipient but needs a little extra something, you can add a personal message or an extra treat or two to make it completely unique.

Bulging Baskets Vancouver will continue to evolve with the support and love from our customers. We’re excited to keep adding new products from British Columbia all the time, and embrace change.



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