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Celebrating BC Day from Vancouver

What does BC Day mean to us?

Next Monday on August 7th, millions of British Columbians will be celebrating BC Day. It’s especially meaningful to us, and not only because we live in the province. August 7th won’t just be a day soaking up summer sun, surrounded by nature (but there will be a lot of that happening). BC Day is a chance to appreciate the work of our fellow British Columbians, who have so much to offer.

Bulging Baskets Vancouver (quite literally) couldn’t exist without the hard work and passion of British Columbians. Everything that makes up our gift boxes is sourced from BC small businesses that create gifts unique to our region.

Some of the artists that represent BC

We source many of our keepsakes from Native Northwest. Their traditional First Nations artwork makes a fantastic addition to our gift baskets with gifts like a tea towel, insulated water bottle, and coin purses. We love that people abroad, and those who have recently settled in BC who receive our gift boxes will have a keepsake that represents the province so beautifully.

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From all the way over in the Gulf Islands, Denman Island Chocolate gives us a steady stream of completely unique sweets, inspired by the small island lifestyle. Their unique blends and organic chocolate embody the environmentally conscious attitude that people on the West Coast are famous for.

The Toasted Hazelnut bar, photo courtesy of


Even with so many delicious restaurants in Vancouver, we still find time for healthy cooking at home. From our home in Vancouver, The Vancouver Olive Oil Company makes delicious and healthy olive oils. They specialize in aged balsamics and exciting flavours, like the Blood Orange vinegar, a blend of citrus fruits and Tunisian olives. We think their selection makes them (nearly) as unique and quirky as Vancouver!

Vancouver Olive Oil Company, photo courtesy of


We love seeing what’s new in the culinary world, and we feel honoured that we have a chance to meet and work with so many of the amazing people pioneering those trends. We are blessed to have such a variety of people from different walks of life, all of whom contribute original artwork, culinary skills, and traditional knowledge.

Thank you to every British Columbian for making our province great, and thank you to everyone from around the country – and the world – who make our business possible so we can continue to work in BC. 

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