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The End of the Hallmark Card


It’s the card you rush to the drugstore to buy after remembering your great-aunt’s birthday. You scan the aisle. You see hundreds of cards, each with similar generic greetings on them. You try to pick the least tacky one. “Happy Birthday to You,” the front of the card reads. You scribble “to Aunt Bernice” on the inside. Your work is done.

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You hand the card to Aunt Bernice. She smiles as she opens it – you didn’t forget her birthday, for once. When you leave, she throws it in the recycling (not the garbage – Bernice cares about the environment). If she’s sentimental, it goes into a messy drawer full of other greeting cards. She will never see that card again. And this is how it goes.

The Hallmark card is an unavoidable part of modern society. Sometimes you want to make your own cards – but if we’re being honest, your penmanship isn’t the best and the only card you can make starts with folding letter paper in half two times. And yet you wish for something better, something personal that Aunt Bernice will really love.


We decided we’re done with the boring and generic. Introducing seed paper, from company Of the Earth. Our personalized letters included in every gift box are handmade in Nepal, using 50% recycled content. The raw components are from the sustainable Daphne bush. The harvested plants that aren’t used in paper production are used to heat the villagers’ homes, and all water used in production is reclaimed and reused.

A template for our seed paper letter.

The seeds are infused in the paper, which gives it a unique look. All of the seeds will grow in North America. Once they’re planted and covered with soil and water, they’ll grow to about three inches tall. There are fifteen species, including Spurred Snapdragon, Creeping Thyme, Lilac Godatia, Monkey Flower, and the English Daisy.

Generic cards are impersonal and live a short, unfulfilling life. They are produced in a factory, purchased, received and then discarded. All of our letters can be personalized with the message of your choice. Once they’ve been received, they’re planted and continue to bring joy with colourful flowers.

Planting the seed paper – now we wait!

When you pick out the perfect gift box for her birthday, you choose a short and sweet greeting for the letter. “Dear Aunt Bernice, I’m sorry for missing your last three birthdays – I hope the gift box makes up for it.”

Lucky for you, Bernice forgives you. She’s munching on organic chocolates while admiring the flowers growing on her balcony.


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