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Special Delivery: Fast Shipping Keeps You Moving

We’ve all been there—you planned on picking something up before an event, and wrote a note
down on your calendar. Only then do you realize today is Friday, and the event is on Saturday. At least I remembered to make a dinner reservation, you think. Then you remember Bulging Baskets Vancouver and breathe a sigh of relief; you can order your gift and have it delivered pronto.

We’re able to offer optional same-day and next-day rush orders (on Saturdays* too!) because we work with Phantom Couriers. They are the oldest independent courier in Vancouver and utilize a fleet of vehicles and bicycles that deliver later—and faster—than a traditional delivery service.

“I was at the Pride Parade giving away business cards, and a stranger visiting from Ireland asked who does our deliveries. I explained we use Phantom Couriers and she was thrilled! She recounted a wonderfully colourful story about her amazing experience with the owner Mark Huggan and a delivery earlier this year. I was impressed with the glowing review and reaffirmed my instinct that this is a good fit.” -Jonathan Murrell, Co-Owner of Bulging Baskets

When time isn’t of the essence, we offer 1-2 business day shipping for BC, and 2-3 day shipping for the rest of Canada. Phantom Couriers also links into a private courier to get your gifts delivered in the United States of America. At Bulging Baskets Vancouver, we’ve made it possible for you to order gift boxes well in advance. If you’re going on vacation for two weeks but want to surprise a family member or client, you can choose your ideal gift for them on our website, and simply specify the date when you’d like it to be delivered.

Don’t forget our split shipping. A highly requested feature, we now offer the option of adding multiple addresses and assigning different gift items to them, all while in the same checkout. This is a major time-saver when sending gifts to your clients or children’s teachers — it’s perfect for holiday season as well.

With our rush order shipping, Saturday delivery,* advance ordering, and split shipping, you can’t go wrong. Not to mention, our free shipping offer for orders over $99. Our shipping options are designed to be as convenient as possible for your business and personal gifting needs. We listen to the feedback you give us, and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our system. BBV looks forward to getting your gifts to every corner of Canada and the USA!

“I’m thrilled to be working with the team at Phantom Couriers. Since we added them to our company we have heard rave reviews from customers. We are both Vancouver companies that have started from scratch and I look forward to every phone call to their dispatchers.” -Ari Ron, Co-Owner of Bulging Baskets Vancouver

*Saturday delivery in Metro Vancouver has an additional fee but rest assured your gift will get to its destination.

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Phantom bicycle: Phantom Facebook Page
Phantom van/Mark Huggan w. Bike: Phantom Website
Multiple shipping image (edited): WooCommerce

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